Slacker is the most complete music service on Earth. With millions of songs, hundreds of expert programmed stations, and endless personalization, Slacker gives listeners anytime, anywhere access to the world’s best music and entertainment.

Honda > HondaLink™ Jul18

Honda > HondaLink™

A new in-vehicle connectivity system that will debut fall 2012 on the all-new, ninth-generation 2013 Honda Accord. Featuring the first automotive OEM application of Aha™ by Harman, HondaLink will provide a personalized experience connecting drivers to thousands of cloud-based news, information and media feeds from around the world, using an intuitive, audio-system based interface. HondaLink will enable customers to put away their phone and still stay connected to the people, music and media they love.

MOH Warfighter > Announce Apr10

MOH Warfighter > Announce

The 14th "Medal of Honor" installment in the series. The "MOH Warfighter" title was officially announced on February 23, 2012 with a release date of October 23, 2012 in North America. The game was developed by Danger Close Games and published by Electronic Arts. The story of Tier 1 Operators, missions are based on current events throughout the world.

Sim City > Animated ID Mar28

Sim City > Animated ID

Quirky, fun and playful, SimCity is always alive from any angle. Bustling with activity, the new SimCity is vibrant and rich with endless possibilities to create and explore. The animated id encapsulate a city from the ground up. From one unit of asphalt to the roof tops of skyscrapers that form the negative space of SimCity. Just as the logotype is about to form, PLOP! The SimCity full color logo unexpectedly falls into frame to punctuate the animated id.

EA > Connectivity Mar26

EA > Connectivity

From a vast network of game development across continents to worldwide digital distribution of products and services, EA is interconnected with the components of its own business and the consumers who love their games.

MAXIS > Manifesto Video Mar24

MAXIS > Manifesto Video

With a legacy of critically acclaimed and commercially successful games, MAXIS is unique throughout the interactive entertainment industry with a winning combination of humor and creativity.

Slacker > Brand Identity Package Mar23

Slacker > Brand Identity Package

Slacker works directly with record labels to offer a massive music library that’s more than 10 million songs deep. Listeners can also personalize the experience with the best in talk, sports, news and entertainment from ABC, ESPN, American Public Media and more.



The most successful racing game in the world, "Need for Speed" spans over three decades and sixteen (16) installments. With a dedication to establishing new industry benchmarks in visual fidelity, engine acoustics, and car physics, "Need for Speed" delivers the fantasy of driving the world's hottest cars and sets the standard in the racing game genre.



With the advent of a new Maxis logo in 2012, an animated identity was developed to capture the essence of what Maxis has always represented to video game enthusiasts for almost twenty-five years, and continues to represent with new products and expansion packs: quirky, playful, accessible fun!

NFS > AUTOLOG 2.0 Feb22


Autolog 2.0 builds upon social features introduced in "NFS: Hot Pursuit", and introduces CloudComplete feature. This delivers elevated connectivity in "NFS: Most Wanted 2." The cloud-based, cross-platform scoring system allows players to link profiles, combine points earned on all platforms, and have a wider social network.

Beyond Platforms Feb19

Beyond Platforms

The entertainment software created by EA transcends hardware and platforms past, present, and future. The interactive experience associated with a given EA franchise always remains intact and true, no matter what device or platform you play on.

MAXIS > Logo Feb18

MAXIS > Logo

Maxis was founded as an independent game company in 1987 by Will Wright and Jeff Braun. The current logo design was adopted in the beginning of 2012, and contains legacy components of the original Maxis logo, which appeared on packaging and promotion of games developed by the studio for over two decades.

Origin > Brand Identity Package Feb17

Origin > Brand Identity Package

Origin brings an entire universe of games into a single, convenient application. It lets you purchase, download and play your favorite games, any time and any place you want. Origin integrates social features such as profiles, friends lists and chat, so you can effortlessly connect and play with your friends.

Game Event Kiosk Feb14

Game Event Kiosk

Exploration of an aesthetic that could extend throughout the booth of an event, and then apply to collateral and related press events.

Battlefield > Historical Perspective Feb11

Battlefield > Historical Perspective

In its first decade, Battlefield has become the established leader in online multiplayer gameplay, the leader in vehicular combat, the leader in play-for-free, and the leader in all-out warfare. The Battlefield franchise is one of the most valuable interactive entertainment properties in the entertainment software industry.

Origin > Animated ID Feb09

Origin > Animated ID

Origin brings an entire universe of gaming into a single, convenient application. Downloads are streamlined for quick and easy installation, and you can securely purchase and play your favorite games any time and any place you want. You can even chat with your friends right from the Origin application while you play.

NBA-TV > On Air Brand Package Feb06

NBA-TV > On Air Brand Package

An American sports channel dedicated to basketball. The network was originally backed by the National Basketball Association. In 2003, a multi-year deal with three major cable outlets allowed the network to expand to 45 million American homes, and 30 different countries. NBA-TV required an official iconic logo and a brand identity package that was world-class for their new worldwide audience.

Game Studio ID Feb04

Game Studio ID

A series of animated IDs aligned to game genres developed by the Los Angeles based studio. Inherent in all of the individual IDs was the unique character of Pandemic.



The entertainment software development team of Visceral Games is raw, intense and bleeds to create products that push the envelope of gamer's experience. Visceral Games is focused on developing best-in-breed action games with state-of-the-art technology, visuals, audio, gameplay and a relentless focus on excellence that spawned the breakthrough, award-winning franchise Dead Space



Medal of Honor (Operation Anaconda) differs from other MOH releases. The game breaks from the WW II setting of prior games in the series and is set in the ongoing War in Afghanistan. Emphasis is on realism, and includes objectives and tasks issued in real life such as raiding terrorist hideouts, undercover operations and hostage rescues.



Formerly EA Redwood Shores Studio, the studio was renamed and rebranded as Visceral Games in May of 2009 to better reflect the studio's culture, identity and focus on creating intense action-oriented intellectual properties.



An industry leader in MMORPG genre of console and PC gameplay, BioWare advanced their publishing relationship with LucasArts to create, "Star Wars: The Old Republic". For the promotion of this epic game and milestone industry launch, BioWare wanted an animated ID aligned to the Star Wars franchise and uniquely stand out from all other BioWare product franchises.

EA Mobile Jan25

EA Mobile

EA Mobile delivers original IP content alongside ports of the most popular games, across all major handheld platforms and OEM smart phones worldwide.



Operation Anaconda took place in early March 2002 in which the United States military and CIA Paramilitary Officers, working with allied Afghan military forces, attempted to destroy al-Qaeda and Taliban forces. The operation took place in the Shahi-Kot Valley and ran into problems from the outset. The video game franchise "Medal of Honor" attempted to capture the drama of the 187th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division fighting through rough inhospitable terrain and against all odds.

EA SPORTS @ E3 Jan22


If It's In The Game, It's In The Game: EA SPORTS is the ultimate interactive entertainment sports brand. Dedicated to delivering an authentic experience that's true to the athlete, the team, the league, and the sport. EA SPORTS brings attitude and punch to sports fans on their favorite digital platform across the world.

EA Studios & Partners > 2008 Jan21

EA Studios & Partners > 2008

EA is greater than the sum of its parts: a Global company with offices & development studios located across the world. EA franchises and entertainment properties evolve and grow through shared technological advances of a worldwide studio network.

Command & Conquer TV Jan20

Command & Conquer TV

Command & Conquer TV was the home for official C&C news, exclusive celebrity and development team interviews, and some of the most epic multiplayer fan matches ever seen on the web. BattleCast Primetime was the flagship web show for the Command & Conquer TV Internet Channel, delivered straight from the heart of the EALA studios and hosted by the Command & Conquer development team.



EA develops and publishes games under several labels and franchises. EA's corporate identity package leveraged the earlier development of a signature logo system representing the diverse character of EA properties. The centerpiece of the identity elements that unify the brand aesthetic of EA corporate communications and events is the black and silver EA button icon.

NFS Most Wanted @ E3 Jan18

NFS Most Wanted @ E3

A launch title for the XBOX 360, Need for Speed Most Wanted is a spectacular open world racing experience.  Your car has a “Rap Sheet” and the cop chases intensify as you elevate your “heat” rating.

Ao2 > Animated ID Jan17

Ao2 > Animated ID

A two part animated ID for advertising and promotion of the original "Army of Two" video game. The animation promotes both the publisher and the product in the motif of the game's storyline.



Spore is a multi-genre single-player god game developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. Spore allows a player to control the development of a species from its beginnings as a microscopic organism, through development as an intelligent and social creature, to interstellar exploration as a spacefaring culture.

EA E3 Show Package Jan15

EA E3 Show Package

The art of game franchises and the iconography of EA as game publisher served as the backdrop and visual wrapper to featured game trailers that would tease and build excitement for upcoming releases. A 360 degree theater literally surrounded and immersed viewers in an environment and experience that was the best EA had to offer.

MOH Airborne > Brand Identity Package Jan15

MOH Airborne > Brand Identity Package

Take to the skies in Medal of Honor Airborne, where you’ll drop into grueling ground attacks in a bid to turn the tide of WWII. Begin each mission in the air above Axis controlled battlefields, then make your mark in the largest airborne operations in history.

Black Jan14


Black is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Criterion Games and published by EA. It was released in 2006 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 video game consoles. The game is notable for its heavily stylized cinema-inspired action as well as its award winning sound quality and focus on destructive effects during gameplay.

EA SPORTS > 2007 Jan14

EA SPORTS > 2007

"If It's In The Game, It's In The Game" has been the rallying cry for sports fans going back to the start of EA SPORTS in 1991. EA SPORTS is EA's consumer sports brand marquee for perennial blockbuster videogame franchises FIFA, Madden NFL, NCAA Football, NBA Live, NHL, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

SUPERMAN > Video Game Jan13

SUPERMAN > Video Game

Superman Returns is a video game loosely based on the movie of the same name, developed by Electronic Arts-Tiburon in Orlando, Fla., in conjunction with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics. The game has an 80-square-mile free-roaming map, and Superman is able to fly into the stratosphere. Superman's complete array of superpowers are at the player's disposal. The player is able to fly at different speeds, the maximum being 800 mph, which is faster than the speed of sound. The player can't lose if Superman takes a certain amount of damage, instead the player can lose if the villains inflicts too much damage to the city.

Madden NFL @ E3 Jan13

Madden NFL @ E3

The best selling EA SPORTS franchise, Madden NFL maintains it's founding mission to this day. To always be authentic and accurate in the gameplay simulation, as well as the details found in representations of players, coaches, and stadiums. "If It's In The Game, It's In The Game"



Started in 1999 with studios at NBA Entertainment in Secaucus, New Jersey, NBA TV began a multi-year deal with Cox Communications, Cablevision, and Time Warner Cable in 2003, allowing the network to expand to 45 million American homes, and 30 different countries. An on-air brand identity system was essential to package featured NBA games, as well as a daily schedule of regular shows, news, specials and international events.

Signature Logos Jan12

Signature Logos

Signature Logos retained a unified brand structure for publishing, studios, and dev-teams operating under Electronic Arts, Inc. At the same time, the signature logo system expressed core themes & key characteristics of individual EA franchises and EA properties. As a result, consumers could embrace an EA aligned to their favorite games.



The "Good Game" concept was part of an initiative to explore the possibility of evolving the EA brand identity alongside an evolving digital medium through which EA properties were expanding and changing. The visual symmetry of the "e" and the "a" was geared toward evolving the letters into a symbol that had context within a world of symbols representing game genres & platforms, as well as function & navigation. The tagline of "Good Game" expressed the positive sentiment of gamers if EA's core objectives were achieved in the development of the best interactive entertainment.



In Medal Of Honor: Airborne, you'll step into the boots of Boyd Travers, Private First Class of the 82nd Airborne Division. Engage in battles throughout Europe, from rocky beginnings in Sicily to war-winning triumphs in Germany. Each mission begins behind enemy lines, with an intense and fully interactive airdrop.

Brilliant History of EA @ E3 Jan10

Brilliant History of EA @ E3

From Archon, Pinball Construction Set, and Starflight, to modern day franchise powerhouses like Madden NFL, Battlefield and FIFA, EA has fulfilled the company's 1982 founding vision of defining a new art form. The brand packaging for EA's E3 2005 event proudly featured a rich history of industry innovation and a catalog of video games without equal, as a next generation of consoles and distribution platforms was about to unfold.

Def Jam Fight for New York Jan09

Def Jam Fight for New York

Def Jam: Fight for NY is the sequel to Def Jam Vendetta, a hip hop-influenced 3D action game that features several rappers, including Lil' Kim, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, Fat Joe, Ice-T, Xzibit, N.O.R.E, Ludacris, and Busta Rhymes. Fighters can choose fighting styles that include: Kickboxing, Street Fighting, Martial Arts, Wrestling, and Submissions. Def Jam Fight for NY emphasizes the use of the game's various environments and the surrounding crowd to cause damage.

MOH Rising Sun Jan08

MOH Rising Sun

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is the 5th installment of the Medal of Honor video game series, released by EA Games in November 2003. Rising Sun is a first-person shooter set in the Pacific theater of the Second World War. In single-player mode, the player assumes the role of U.S.M.C. Cpl./Sgt. Joseph Griffin.



NFS Underground Jan07

NFS Underground

Need for Speed Underground was the 7th racing game in the NFS video game series. Underground was a complete reboot for the series featuring a heavy emphasis on tuner culture and a storyline-driven career mode. Rather than exotic cars, Underground featured vehicles associated with the import scene.

NBA-TV > Logo Jan06

NBA-TV > Logo

As NBA-TV gained importance and viewership it was important to develop a fully integrated logo that combined the Jerry West inspired 1969 NBA logo and the 1999 NBA Entertainment property TV.

Battlefield 2 Jan05

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 is a first person shooter by the Swedish developer Digital Illusions CE (DICE). Players fight in a modern battlefield, using modern weapon systems. Battlefield 2 features missions that involve clashes between US Marines, China and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition. The multiplayer aspect of the game allows players to organize into squads that come under the leadership of a single commander to promote teamwork. The game received universal acclaim from critics, garnering an aggregate score of "91" from 55 reviews on Metacritic.



A massively multiplayer online variation of Maxis Studio's highly popular computer game, The Sims. The Sims Online was a precursor to MySims and The Sims Social on Facebook.

Def Jam Vendetta Jan03

Def Jam Vendetta

Def Jam Vendetta was a 2003 professional wrestling video game that combined hip hop with pro wrestling. Several hip hop artists were featured in the game, including DMX, Method Man, Redman, Ludacris, WC, N.O.R.E., Capone, Scarface, Joe Budden, Ghostface Killah, Keith Murray, and Funkmaster Flex.



The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is a 2002 cross-platform video game based on Peter Jackson's New Line Cinema films, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." The game title was one of the top selling console titles of 2002 and 2003, and was widely praised for its seamless transitions from actual film footage to interactive game play.

EA SPORTS > 2003 Jan01

EA SPORTS > 2003

EA Brandscape Feb02

EA Brandscape

The "EA Brandscape" was an abstract interpretation of the 2001 brand architecture that defined EA's consumer labels: EA SPORTS, BIG, and EA GAMES. Floating brand-hubs represented each of the three consumer labels. Game franchises populated the nodes on the spokes of each brand-hub.

EA SPORTS > Future Jan01

EA SPORTS > Future